Additional Costs within Book More

Please review the list below to understand any potential additional fees associated within your account use

Our mission is to deliver exceptional service to the FEC and youth sports industry, designed to significantly boost your center's sales. We've structured our pricing model on a flat monthly fee for the basic software package, with additional charges based on actual usage. These extra costs primarily cover pass-through expenses we incur for your usage. Recognizing that usage varies across centers, we opted against a one-size-fits-all higher fee, ensuring fairness and affordability. This approach allows each center to manage its own costs effectively. Typically, the additional fees cover email, text, and phone usage, including carrier fees imposed by some of your customers' phone providers for accessing messages through our software application.

As we continually enhance our software with new features—without increasing your base cost—some optional features do carry extra charges. These are passed on to our users to cover the operational costs of premium workflows, actions, and time-saving automations like Chat GPT, which are not included in standard accounts. These features, while optional, offer valuable efficiencies as you become more familiar with our software, albeit with modest additional fees.

You have full transparency over your charges and can review them anytime under Settings > Company Billing by clicking on "See Details" in the "Credits" section.

Additional Cost:






Email Provider Fee

Email Verification

.005/Email Verification

Once per email address, verify it's an active email address, increase deliverability rates

A2P Registration Fees

$22 One-time

Carrier Fee: Compliance Registration Fee

Phone Number

$0-$3/Month each

Twilio Fee: hosting

Phone Calls (Outbound)


Twilio Fee

Phone Calls (inbound)


Twilio Fee

Phone Carrier Look up Fee


Twilio Fee: Ensures text/call delivery

SMS - Texting


Twilio Fee: One segment is 160 characters.

SMS Carrier Fees


Carrier Surcharge

MMS Carrier Fees


Carrier Surcharge

Chat GPT


OpenAI API Calls to/from Book More

Conversation AI


AI Conversation Responses

Reviews AI

.12/Review Response

AI Review Responses

Premium Workflow Automations


API calls to other software programs

If you have questions about any charge, please feel free to reach out via email at [email protected]